Get to know me professionally

A strategic thinker

I am a recent graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. (chirp chirp!) with a degree in public relations and marketing. I’ve spent my past two summers interning in Seattle for a diverse set of business worlds, which have helped shaped me as a professional.

Cardinal Communications, Ball State’s student-run creative communications agency, also played a vital role in shaping me as a professional. Through my leadership roles within the agency, my passion for the public relations industry grew while expanding my knowledge in both digital and traditional media.

While having experience in media relations, event planning and content development, I specialize in social media strategy and management. I have worked with brands to create a social strategy and have helped brands refine their social strategy. While working with numerous clients through internships and Ball State organizations, I have managed social media on behalf of brands with various voices.

I strive in challenging, fast-paced environments and I value collaborating on a team. I have a passion for all things storytelling and branding.

I am currently looking for an opportunity to launch my career and I’m constantly looking for opportunities to network and grow as a professional. I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn and Twitter!


Get to know me personally

A dreamer with an adventurous spirit 

Why is this part always the hardest? Because no one likes writing about themselves. I can talk about who I am today, but at 22 years old, who I am is always changing. I can say for certain that I’m a dreamer that craves adventure and challenges. I’m working on finding the balance between a life where I’m an adventurous, vanlifer that’s traveling around the world as a #digitalnomad and a life where I’m a #girlboss running a company. (Check back with me in a few years to see how my progress is going.)

I love animals and I usually put too much creamer in my coffee. I’m constantly on the hunt for my next favorite book series/author or Netflix show to obsess over. I follow way too many lifestyle bloggers on Instagram because I’m forever wishing my style and gram game will reach their status. You can probably find me being awkward in a photo (see below).